How to Sell EHR Software in a Saturated Market

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on July 2, 2015


Changing software is typically a pretty involved process. We’ve all experienced it and know that ultimately the change is for good, but finding time to learn something new and get your entire staff onboard isn’t always easy.

And if you’re selling electronic health record software to medical practices, this is exactly what your potential customers are thinking now that most of them are using some level of an EHR in their offices.

Some practices made their EHR choice based on cost, some because it was tied into their existing practice management system, so it was the path of least resistance. And some just chose one because they had to, but didn’t really know what they were looking for.

After a few months of using it they see the holes and they know what’s not working. They might be thinking about changing, but know that it’s a big process to tackle. How do you convince them that the change is worth the effort?

If you want a medical practice to switch their EHR, you’ll need to provide them with a plan for making it easy. And even then, they’ll resist simply because it’s change. Your job is to prove that their business needs are more important than human nature’s resistance to change.

The best way to be in front of these practices is to be there when you’re not actually there. What does this mean? You’ll need to produce proof that you can help clients make it through the software transition quickly and happily.

How to market to doctors in a way that they’ll notice and respond

Make yourself present on the web. Of course you have a website that you direct everyone towards. And they can get a free demonstration there. But many times people aren’t ready for a demo right away. They have questions to answer and research to do first.

Use other avenues on the web to address specific pain points that you know practices have when they need to switch their EHR and how the concerns can be overcome.


The breadth and depth of your company’s expertise in EHR and billing software is most likely very wide and deep. Use that to your advantage. Determine the most common objections to switching EHR software and then address them in short, friendly blogs. Why? Because the web is where they’re going to for their research. Using phrases that people are googling in your blogs will help you to show up in their search results.

Even doctors are doing their research on the web. But in many cases it’s the practice manager who is doing the research to present to the physicians. They are definitely going to do their due diligence before recommending one or two companies to come in and talk with them. Why not position your company as the one who understands their pains and has the answers?

Guide Books and Checklists

Help them know if it’s really time to make a change by giving them a guidebook on how to easily change your EHR. Another idea is to give them a checklist on what they should be looking for in an EHR -- that maybe they hadn’t thought of before -- and why they need it. They’ll quickly come to see that theirs isn’t going to be able to do all those things and you’ll get them closer to making the switch.

White Papers

It may be a little early for a plethora of successful changeovers because everyone is so focused on the start of ICD-10 coding. But once that dust has settled a bit, there will definitely be people who realize their EHR isn’t cutting it and they need more. Prove to them that it’s possible and that they can be happy with their practice management software and all the options that are included. Make the white paper pretty and easy to read. That will help people with understanding your point and presenting the idea to their physicians in a way that’s easily consumable.

No matter what the product or service, studies show that more than 60% of a purchase decision is made before the buyer reaches out to the company to be included in their sales process. That means that you need to be present during that process. And just your website isn’t going to get you there. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that are similar in the eyes of the buyer. You’re going to need this educational content to answer questions and ease the minds of your potential buyers thinking of making an EHR switch. While they’re on your site you can capture them as a lead in order to access some of the more advanced content such as a guide book, white paper or how-to video.

Think about what can you offer to them that comes before they’re ready for the step of participating in a demo or having someone come to their office. You’ll start to find that your potential clients are coming to you more knowledgeable of the topic and most likely more prepared to make the software change that they know will make their lives better in the long run.

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