3 Ways to Create Videos That Look Great and Cost Almost Nothing

Posted by Breanna McConnell on July 6, 2017


In the marketing industry the demand for video has increased, especially with social media posts. But they can be expensive and time consuming to produce. Social media sharing is important to get information to your audience swiftly and in a way that’s easy to understand and share with others. While there are some occasions when utilizing a professional video crew would be the best option, sometimes budget doesn’t always allow for this and time can be of the essence.

If you’re thinking about ways to create short messages and/or offers using video but don’t want to spend the time or money on a full-scale video production, we have three recommendations for video tools that can get your message out quickly and for little (or no) cost!

Apple’s Clips App

Clips is a free app created by Apple that allows you to shoot video from your iPhone's camera and edit it within the app in a user-friendly way. It also uses your phone’s microphone to record and then display captions, freeing you from having to go back and add captions post-shoot.

Your best bet for social media videos (for Facebook or Instagram) is to stick with 60 seconds or less but you can use this tool to go longer if you’d like.

They offer a variety of music that can be used without copyright concern. Before you dive into creating your own video, start with a plan for your shots, decide if you want subtitles to automatically appear as you talk, and then play with the options for how it will look. Why would I want subtitles, you ask? According to Brightcove, an online video platform, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. So when you’re scrolling through a website or social media feed, it’s much more effective to include text about what’s going on in the video rather than relying on people to turn up their volume on their device to hear your message.

Enjoy taking a peek inside our new office with this video we created using Clips. We chose one of the templates and an effect for the video from the Apple Clips options. It took about 90 minutes or less from start to finish.


Soapbox by Wistia

full_screen_share (1).jpgWith Soapbox, you can easily create a video to share a presentation or a training session. You can show your screen for a demo or a presentation with the audio of your explanation and your face for a more personal touch. All you need to create a Soapbox video is your computer and a webcam!

You can see the end product with this sample that Lindsey created:


Soapbox allows you to edit, add an intro and an outro.

The Free Plan includes access to all of the tool’s features for up to three videos, and they never expire. Wistia also offers a Pro Plan for Soapbox for $99 per month for up to 10 videos and 25 cents per month for each additional video after that.


Promo is a web video service that creates 15 second videos for social sharing. Sadly our attention span these days is pretty short, so you’ll be able to get your message across before the viewer moves on. That’s what makes Promo great for promotions or calls-to-action on Facebook and Instagram.

What’s great about Promo is that it lets you choose from a huge library of video footage clips and music with no royalty or usage fees required as well as a music library.

Also, there is no talking. The entire message is on the screen so that it can be seen with or without the music playing.

To be honest, it can be a little difficult to squeeze your primary message into 15 seconds, but it’s something we should all do so that we don’t lose the audience. We suggest figuring out what you want to say first and then look for video and music that matches the message.

The video clips are visually pleasing so you can grab your audience’s attention, but they’re also short so you don’t lose their attention. Here’s a Promo video we created for identifying buyer personas:


Promo Packages start at $49 per month and some packages allow you to upload your own video content to integrate with the tool.

What Video Tool To Use and When

So which process for creating a video might be best for you? Here’s a handy chart with suggested ways to use each of the tools.



If you’re not sure which way to go to get your message across, or you’d like to review your marketing strategy before creating video content, let us know. You’ll be sharing lovely video content in no time!

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