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Social Media for Business: What's Right for You?

Posted by Breanna McConnell on January 23, 2018


Originally posted February 2015. Updated January 2018.

By now we're all familiar with social media use in business. Most businesses have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube, but may not really know what to do with them. We used to be asked whether they should have accounts. Now we're being asked "which social accounts do I need." That's a positive switch since we wrote this blog in 2015. And how times have changed. With Facebook's January 2018 announcement that you have more control over your newsfeed, businesses are more likely to get squeezed out unless they're paying to play. What should you do?

Before you spend effort or dollars on one platform versus another let's have a look at what may work best for you.

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Topics: Marketing ROI, Social Media

Do You Know Who Really Owns Your Web Address? What You Need to Know about Your Domain and How to Manage It

Posted by Breanna McConnell on August 2, 2017

30dn_what is a domain blog.jpeg

What’s in a name? If it’s your domain name, there’s a lot to consider when choosing and managing your web address. Think of your website domain as something that’s as important as your physical address. It’s where people can find you and reliable information related to you.

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3 Ways to Create Videos That Look Great and Cost Almost Nothing

Posted by Breanna McConnell on July 6, 2017


In the marketing industry the demand for video has increased, especially with social media posts. But they can be expensive and time consuming to produce. Social media sharing is important to get information to your audience swiftly and in a way that’s easy to understand and share with others. While there are some occasions when utilizing a professional video crew would be the best option, sometimes budget doesn’t always allow for this and time can be of the essence.

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