Facebook Survival Tips for Businesses

Posted by Lindsey Gutierrez on March 16, 2015

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Social media for business may seem like a never ceasing flow of information and guidelines. And Facebook, being one of the most well-known social media outlets, is the one we most often have clients ask us about. The list below is a more manageable amount of the top Facebook tips for businesses. Download our free printable infographic below and print to hang by your work station to easily reference the top social media tips for business.

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Facebook Survival Tips for Business:

  1. Fill out your profile completely - This is the “about” section.

  2. Focus on engagement versus likes - It’s important that the people who have liked your page click to read or share your content. That signals to Facebook that people like it and they’ll start to show it to more of your “fans.”

  3. Answer and control negative comments - Don’t delete them! That will cause a bigger problem. Professionally address the situation. Don’t get into a “he said - she said” argument. But acknowledge the comment and tell them what you can do to try to fix the concern whenever possible.

  4. Don’t push sales too hard - Educate. Don’t use a pitch for your products or services.

  5. Always respond back - Whether private message or comments on a post, be sure to respond and engage that person in a conversation.

  6. Keep it short and sweet - You know how it goes as you scroll through your Facebook timeline. You’ll look at pictures and videos but won’t typically read the longer posts.

  7. Don’t over post or under post - We don’t want to be forgotten, but we don’t want to be obnoxious either. If you want to post a lot, Twitter might be the better platform for you.

  8. Be personable, you’re a real human - This will endear your business to your current or potential customers.

  9. Limit auto-posting from Twitter - What works on Twitter doesn’t always seem to make good sense on Facebook. Take the time to post in both places.

  10. Be helpful to your fans - This goes back to educating. Give them answers and they’ll trust YOU when it’s time to buy.

  11. Never buy likes - Any like you have to buy is not likely to engage with you. And engagement is what you really want.

  12. Be aware of all Facebook updates and new features - They come out every so often and they could affect how your photos look, your cover image looks, how your content gets published to those who like your page, or anything else Facebook dreams up.

  13. People like visual - Back to the cliche, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Never more true than on social media. If you can say it all with a picture, do it!

You can also monitor your social media interactions and their impact on the number of new customers you get. Read our free eBook on how to measure the ROI of marketing using analytics to find out how it can be done!

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