How to Create a Successful Landing Page

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on November 11, 2014

landing-page-examplesJust about every decision we make for our business, including sales lead generation, could be done in a variety of ways. You’ve chosen the way that works best for you, right? What if there is a better way to get leads without having to bang on doors or spend hours on the phone or in networking meetings?

What if you could make your website create leads for you without spending as much time per lead? There is! It’s called inbound marketing. And one of the key elements of inbound marketing is the use of landing pages to direct interested (anonymous) website visitors to some specific information they’re interested in.

On the landing page you’ll collect some information that turns these unknown website visitors into identifiable leads. Voila. Just like that. But do you have a strategy for how you’ll make these landing pages really turn visitors into leads?

Here are four tips for your landing page strategy that will help you increase the number of leads you receive.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Landing Page Strategy

How to Increase Sales by Teaching not Promoting

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on September 22, 2014

increase-sales-educationWhat is the purpose of your website? To sell, right? Some things are easy to sell because it’s not a long decision process. But there are other products and services that buyers are going to research and think about. What can you do to increase sales in these long processes? Why not be the one who provides the research information potential customers are looking for? Give them something that will make them trust your expertise. And do it for free. This can be accomplished through several types of content including:

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Topics: Marketing ROI, Website Lead Generation, Landing Page Strategy