What is a Landing Page?

Posted by Breanna Villareal on April 16, 2015


You may have heard the term “landing page” while learning about marketing for the web. If you’re not sure what exactly a landing page is, have no fear! Many people aren’t familiar with the term but once you understand what they are and what purpose they serve, you’ll be able to make a plan for your own marketing and implement successful landing pages that will help increase your marketing ROI and target the audience you want to reach.

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How to Write Sales Emails That Really Work

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on January 16, 2015

reading-emailWe've all been there... either on the writing side or the receiving side... of a sales email. We spend lots of time thinking about what it should say and then making sure we check and double check it before clicking the send button. Then you wonder... did they read it? We don't want to use the read receipt function because we know that's pretty much considered rude. So now you're left with a fabulously written email and no clues as to what the reader thought when they read it. If they read it.

Here are some tips on how to write sales emails collected in the Sidekick 2014 Email Open Report that can help you improve email campaigns andyour chance of getting a response!

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

Blogging With a Purpose: Focus Your Content Strategy

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on November 20, 2014

Blogging-to-target-audienceIt's probably nothing new when you hear that you need to blog. "What's it gonna do for me," you ask? Well... it can mean all the difference in your sales!

We often hear, "Blogging takes time and it uses my resources." Well, both of those things are true. But there is a measurable benefit to spending the time and the resources. (Plus there are ways to work around the use of your internal resources to get the writing done!)

Carefully Target Your Blog Content

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Content is King. How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on August 1, 2014

web-content-is-king.jpgWeall know that a good looking web design will tend to keep visitors from jumping ship in the matter of seconds. But even more important than how it looks is what the website says. If you don't clearly communicate with your audience you'll lose them. Fast. So what can you do to bring them in and keep them?

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What’s Your Landing Page Strategy for Attracting More Leads?

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on July 15, 2014

landing-page-strategyYou might be thinking, “What's a landing page strategy?” or “I know I should use landing pages, but how do I make it happen?” You're not alone. And thankfully there’s a path to success!

Landing pages, often referred to as lead capture pages, can be an extremely valuable tool for turning visitors into qualified leads because you know they have an interest in a specific product or service that you offer.

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